Ronya Weadock, A Texan Trailblazer

January 9, 2024

Texas is a land characterized by its tenacity, ambition, and hard work. Ronya Weadock, the driving force behind WeadCo Insurance, embodies these very qualities.

Ronya’s journey in the insurance world began as a captive agent, a role she committed to for nearly a decade. During this time, she honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of the impactful role an insurance agent plays in the lives of their clients. Despite this, she felt constrained by the limitations of the captive agency system. “After almost ten years, I realized I was missing out on numerous opportunities. I knew I could offer more as an agent,” Ronya shares. This epiphany led her to transition into the world of independent insurance, setting the stage for the growth and success of WeadCo.

Today, WeadCo is thriving with a team of six agents serving the whole of Texas, as well as parts of New Mexico and Arizona. Significantly, the agency is woman-led and predominantly operated by women, a testament to Ronya’s personal experience of growing up surrounded by strong female figures.

Ronya attributes a considerable part of WeadCo’s prosperity to its partnership with Texas Agency Alliance (TAA). She learned about TAA through a former colleague, and the overwhelming positive feedback she heard drew her in. “TAA’s reputation was stellar. It became clear they were the right choice,” she explains.

In the two years since joining TAA, WeadCo has enjoyed numerous benefits, including vital carrier appointments and the development of fruitful relationships with both their growth coach and strategic partner underwriters. The sense of community and mutual support within TAA has also been invaluable, fostering a culture of collective success and ambition.

In its first year, WeadCo achieved an impressive $1 million in premium and secured a major direct carrier appointment, allowing them to meet the unique insurance needs of properties in Texas. “That was a pivotal moment for us,” Ronya reflects with pride. Looking ahead, her ambitions for WeadCo are sky-high. With the ambitious goal of reaching $3 million in premium for the agency’s second full year of operations, Ronya is setting the stage for a decade marked by exponential growth and continued success.

For those contemplating a move to independence or considering joining TAA, Ronya offers thoughtful advice: “Do your research, surround yourself with high-achievers, and learn from those you respect.”

Ronya’s story is a vivid illustration of the resilience and spirit of Texas. With her leadership, WeadCo is undoubtedly set to reach new heights, proving once again the power of determination and the endless possibilities that come with independence.